imagesimages (1)Consumerism is what that can be defined as the virtue of people to spend money for their social status.People buy things regardless of their need. This symbolizes their social

Sometimes people are so much attracted by advertisements that they buy the product ignoring the pros and cons of it. This harms them considerably. People buy things they don’t need or things they don’t know how to operate. It is now the advertisement era. Company only needs to sell their products and earn money-they really don’t care about what is beneficial for the customers. Advertisements act as a bridge between manufacturers and buyers. Sellers exaggerate their products in advertisement. This doesn’t mean that advertisements are bad but it depends on the sellers-how they present them and on viewers-how they perceive it;how aware and sensible they are.

In the earlier days,consumerism was limited to the richer sections of the society only but nowadays that very feeling of comparison has led the middle class people to achieve particular goals -goals of consumerism. This is quite annoying and saddening that it has led to the feeling of hatred in the society,though hatred was present earlier too but now this feeling has touched new heights.Consumerism is no way harmful to the rich people-they have lots of money to spend, but it is in stark contrast for middle class-it worsens the condition of such people.

The worst part of consumerism is that this scamper never ends;it goes on forever. There were days when people were satisfied with what they had;they got happiness in sacrifice. But the definition of happiness has changed a lot today. Consumption is the ultimate happiness and sacrifice seems to be lost somewhere in this scud.images

People show off. This comparison…’s no way good. From our own produce to imported products,from sacrifice to consumption-it was all way consumerism. There is no end to this. No solution can be perceived. There seems no way to get rid of it.Only individual commitment can help and for sure.

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