Being criticized or being praised- what is good?


Its hard to be praised and easy to be criticized.  But remember, every time you are appreciated, there were many criticisms behind.

For instance, when you have completed a course of learning a new language but still so-so in it and you try to converse in it with someone who excels in the language. The person will criticise you for every mistake you make. But if you take that criticism as a motivation to improve and gain a good fluency in the language, then you’ll be praised for being good at the language. But if you take that criticism negatively, you will fail and will never be praised.

It’s not always that any other person will criticise you but sometimes it’s you who has to criticise yourself.

When you are praised, you never realize your fault. But when you are criticised, you realize what wrong things you have done in a particular task. But it’s not always good to criticise. It’s better to criticise when you find a fault and praise when you feel everything is perfect or near to.

Criticism and praise both are necessary for success but only when they are balanced.


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