Will you ever tell or just hide it forever??

A secret
Will you ever disclose,
It’s embarrassing to you
At this time,
Will you tell me?
You are afraid that
You’ll lose me
Will you still tell me?
You know that
I don’t like people who hide
Will you still not tell me?
I’ve asked you many times
Though I was just joking
And you still hid it.
I know you are dying within.
You don’t want me to know it
And you have nobody to tell
But on the contrary,
You know that you can tell me.
But you are feared to be judged.
Over years, I have observed
There is something you are hiding.
But I understand you.
I won’t judge you.
I know that it is something you just can’t tell.
But, being a friend
I will not judge you whatever it is.
Nor will I hate you for hiding.
Now it’s solely on you
You want to tell or not.
I know you need somebody to tell.
But you are afraid to say.
I understand your pain,
Your feelings, your thinking.
I just wanna say to you,
Say it out loud once,
At least to me or to someone you feel like
And just release the pain
‘Cause I can’t see you dying every time.
I will never judge you….

PS-this has no relation with my real life.
It is all fictitious.


9 thoughts on “Will you ever tell or just hide it forever??

  1. Wowwwww!!! These are the heights of perfection! Such an amazing piece of writing. Yes, I will definitely tell you the secret 😹
    Ayush, you have helped me sooo much today. I found exactly what I needed at this point of time. It’s such a pleasure. You know you are one of the most positive bloggers over here. Next time, I am not going to miss any of your blogs for sure. ☺☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! It is fictitious and it is sometimes surprising too ……the scene is such a melancholy that the person opposite goes on listening and I need to speak continuously….glad that it is a matter of interest to you…


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