Sans me

A person on the verge of death shares-

A melancholy or joy
Don’t know what it is.
Happy to leave everythin’ behind
But fear and sadness of losing the beloveds.
Will I be a oblivion or still be remembered
For my vices or propriety.
Have I left a mark to be remembered?
I know it’s gonna end soon.
Confused if I should laugh or cry.
Tears inside and smile on lips.
Isn’t it an irony life playin’ on me?
If I could still be there,
To see if people cry or make merry after my leave,
If I could read minds,
It’d have been easier
Wish the place where I’ll be driven
Be simpler than this
With no complexities and no vain.
I don’t know
If I should be embracing or kickin’ it away.
Let me be driven by fate
‘Cause I know
Sans me nothing would change.



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