A Road trip with you


I am on a Road trip.
Yes, I get struck into traffic.
And I sometimes, run out of fuel.
Sometimes, I feel like taking a u-turn.
But as I go ahead,
I realise, this Road trip is exotic with you.
No matter how many obstacles come across the way.
But when I look back I realise, we have successfully come through
A long path- through thousand of miles
And we are yet to travel a long way though.
I don’t know where this trip will lead and
Whether I’ll reach the destination or not…
But I know that this journey is exotic
And I’m loving it.


8 thoughts on “A Road trip with you

      1. Your most welcome, oh sorry, yes I did know that it was related to love, that was why I said about obstacles and and not giving up and all… It’s a beautiful poem 🙂

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        1. It’s ok….you can take it that way….I didn’t see the poem the way you saw….one can extend the theme to what you have thought ….you have given a new perspective to the poem and I like that… Thank you for this….

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You are very welcome, and that is truly the beauty of writing, its all about perception. Its amazing how a few words can change meaning from one person to another 🙂

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