The story of life…..


Saying something not meant
And meaning something not said
Crying at sweet memories
And smiling at sour.
Some mysteries remain unsolved
Some stories remain untold
Some truths remain unfolded
Some events don’t mold
Some memories fade
While others cut like a blade
Some feelings remain unexpressed
Some questions remain unanswered
Some words remain unsaid
Sometimes you wish contrary.

Those contrary wishes
Those mesmerising talks
Those unsolved mysteries
Those untold stories
Those unfolded truths- bitter and sweet
Those uninfluenced events
Those fading and piercing memories-
Sweet and sour
Those unexpressed feelings
Those hidden secrets
Those zestful sorrows
And sorrowful zests
And everything else
Make up a story-
The story of life
An ironical one
Different for everybody
With lots of ups and downs
May be written in a book
Or confined only to the heart.


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