Together forever?

We talk less,
Our messages are now too short
We don’t meet much
But, the feeling of love has intensified indeed.
In the span of time, and
By the fate, we have been set apart.
Talking everything and anything was a pleasure once,
Now longing for each other brings so much of pleasing pain.
Just hearing each other’s voice can make the day.
We now not need to talk for long
‘Cause it has been so long,
And a single word of yours conveys everything-
Yes,every single thing.
We now crave to meet,
To hear each other’s voice
Not to say a word but just look into each other’s eyes,
Continually with no distraction.
I know we’ll be together some day
And we both know this very well.
Only this hope has kept us alive.
We’ll wait for the day,
When we’ll be together forever
Wishing that it should not happen that the long awaited day never comes….


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