The Versatile Blogger Award


This is my first blog award. Sorry for being so late posting this. I was nominated by Ayush Solanki on his blog Thank you so much. It’s a matter of immense pleasure to me. He writes wonderful on his blog. Make sure you follow him.
Here are the rules for nomination-


Here are my 15 nominations-
2. Brown Little Sparrow
3. Impulses Obliquus
4. Loud Thoughts Voices Out
5. SumitOfficial’s Blog
6. MysteriousSoul
7. cleveridiotblog
8. Heartstring Eulogies
9. Minute Tales
10. Tid Bits
11. A Monologue of Heart
12. unspokenwords554
13. UnsophisticatedBird
14. Typedemotions
15. The Thoughts of Her

And now seven things about me,

1. I’m Ayush and I’m 15.
2.  I’m in love with deep words and quotes.
3. I love sad songs.
4. I’m passionate about reading and writing.
5. I love going to places that are less crowded and quiet.
6. I love nature.
7. I love sleeping a lot.


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