The Versatile Blogger Award


This is my first blog award. Sorry for being so late posting this. I was nominated by Ayush Solanki on his blog Thank you so much. It’s a matter of immense pleasure to me. He writes wonderful on his blog. Make sure you follow him.
Here are the rules for nomination-


Here are my 15 nominations-
2. Brown Little Sparrow
3. Impulses Obliquus
4. Loud Thoughts Voices Out
5. SumitOfficial’s Blog
6. MysteriousSoul
7. cleveridiotblog
8. Heartstring Eulogies
9. Minute Tales
10. Tid Bits
11. A Monologue of Heart
12. unspokenwords554
13. UnsophisticatedBird
14. Typedemotions
15. The Thoughts of Her

And now seven things about me,

1. I’m Ayush and I’m 15.
2. Β I’m in love with deep words and quotes.
3. I love sad songs.
4. I’m passionate about reading and writing.
5. I love going to places that are less crowded and quiet.
6. I love nature.
7. I love sleeping a lot.


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