It’s raining

The already beautiful trees
Turned into a bliss
When the dark black clouds
Covered the bright glowing sun.
Wind blew hard
It being too cool
Was enjoyed by every single being
The green grass and the tall trees.
The aura of pre rain
And rain itself
Is mesmerizing.
The aroma of first rain shower
Is worth it.
The trees turn their branch up and down
Here and there
As if saying,” yes!!! It’s raining and I’m getting drenched”.
I look them from the front door
And I feel them say,” Come along, get drenched.
What are you waiting for. It’ s feeling so good here. Why are you out inside?”
I reply with a smile wondering what is my smile conveying to them.
The knock of rain on the floor
Is heard by all
But only people with a heart for nature can understand….
It’s the daytime darkness of sky to be loved
It’s the sound of rain to be heard
It’s the drops of rain to be seen
It’s wetness of land to be smelt
It’s coldness of the atmosphere to be observed.
But there’s each and everything to be felt.
Lucky are those who can feel everything
Not just love,hear,see,smell the particulars.


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