Why is he there?

In the shimmering city lights
He roams alone
Here and there.
What is he searching for?
No one knows.
Is he really searching for something or someone?
Or it’s all vain.
No, there is definitely some reason.
He can’t be vain.
Is he insane?
Or is it a pain?
A melancholy or what?
What is it?
I want to know.
He doesn’t speak anything.
He is expressionless.
It seems as if he perceives darkness there.
No one wants to know.
Is this the reason?
He stares at the walls for long.
What does he see there?
I look at him
And wonder what does he do there?
My curiosity to know everything about sets me there.
His eyes are mysterious.
He himself is.
He looks lost somewhere.
I want to talk
But I don’t go near him
Instead I look from a distance.
I don’t want to disturb him.
I think sometimes
Will I ever know?


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