Unbreakable eternal attraction of their love

He asked her to leave and she just said good-bye and left…..not because she didn’t love him but because she knew there is a good reason behind his act of asking her to leave….leaving him, she wanted to say, “I had left you because you wanted me to do, but would you tell me a way to forget you and the beautiful time spent with you?would you tell me how to love without you?” Seeing her walk away, he wanted to stop her and say “I asked you to leave for your good…you don’t deserve me….don’t get me wrong….the last thing I ask from you is that tell me how to forget you, forget the beautiful moments spent with you, and how to love without you….”She walked away…..

Yet their love was eternal….so selfless….had they known what the other wanted to say, they would have been together…..

She turned back and they both ran towards each other…they hugged and cried…..
They had understood their partner’s state of mind and turned back…. The power of love brought them together…the magnet of love attracted them….
Yes they are together now bounded with the strong unbreakable eternal attraction of love….their love was pure enough to let them read each other’s mind…


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