It’d surely be better than the hell you are currently living in…..

The sweet moments of life, when they flashback in front of our eyes, they bring tears. We now laugh at the moments we cried in the past. These are the normal yet special things.

But there are some phases of life for which we can cry for the whole life and the agony remains the same. Eternal agony it is, one can say. These are the real pains of life. It is said, “Time heals wounds”, but there are wounds which can’t be healed. Time passes by, life goes on but they remain, their scar remains, they themselves do, they are eternal. Neither they intensify nor do they increase, they just remain with the same pain every time you think of it. Even when you don’t  want to think, you are bound to, it flashes on the screen of mind. The only difference that time brings is that the tears dry out and the scars can’t be seen by anyone except for you. You cry inside yourself. The one who goes through can only understand. And these pains are different for everybody, might be one or two or many, it varies from person to person.

Yet the other phases of life are what you can look at and smile and cry at the same time. That complicated feeling. These are the bestest parts of life.Every time you remember them it’s that complicated feeling you get. Never ending pleasure do you get from it. Remembering these, you forget all your miseries, your pains, your sadness, no matter for a minute or for a longer duration, may be a day or two.

Life has always been complicated. Life is a contrast. Life is an irony. You never know what life has in store for you. The next moment might be a splendour or hell. You just can’t predict. Be little hopeful and good will surely happen, sooner or later. The best part is that anything can happen which will reduce your past pains. All you have to do is wait. That surely doesn’t mean to sit idle but just work and wait for better results. Life requires you to move on because ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and ‘There is always something good hidden in every act’. All you need is a different perspective. You need to change how you look at things. You need to change your perspective. This won’t make your life a heaven but it’d surely be much better than the hell you are presently living in.


7 thoughts on “It’d surely be better than the hell you are currently living in…..

  1. Hey Ayush! 🙋
    I really like reading your posts, the best part about them is that they always have a positive ending! I appreciate that! ☺☺
    This post surely inspired me as well as others too. Keep writing. 😇👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh.. I really didn’t know that my posts are source of positivity for readers… I am glad about that…..This post initially ended with a negative note….but when a friend of mine reviewed it, she asked me to make it a little positive….

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