A single unacceptance

Whatever he was receiving, he never deserved it. He was the only one who never wanted such things to happen with him. Nobody else even knew this and none would even bother to let it be known. On the contrary, he was the only one who could bring a smile on the faces of those who never bothered why he was like that. But they truly loved him and he knew it by the incident when he was almost no more. He accepted whatever came into his life just to see a smile on their faces. Does it even make a difference? Yes,it did ’cause a single unacceptance would turn everything upside down in their lives and his own too. He cried inside with a smile on face that conveyed nothing for he could not see them a single drop of tear in their eyes. His acts and expressions conveyed nothing but the rejection of the very thought of unaccepting it. So was he and so was his life.


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