What I am is not really what i am…

Do you love me for what I am?Or do you love ‘me’? Would you still love me after you come to know what I am is not what I really am? I had been a fortune for you, my fate brought you things you never expected you could have. But would you still see me as the one who couldn’t give you all those pleasures anybody else could have? I live in ‘me’ and not what I am, but would you love ‘me’ and not what I am nor what i really am?


5 thoughts on “What I am is not really what i am…

  1. Wow Ayush. Again, this is intense. I love this one. I feel you’re like me, a complete contradictory person. 😹 Even I always feel the same as you’ve stated in your lines.

    But we surely will love you, even if someday we come to realise that you’re not that positive and cheerful guy like your posts describe you! We definitely will love YOU and now what you are or what you’re not! Beautiful post again. 😇😇

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