He pumps it-‘Life’

If life were like those fairy tales

You would be in no jails…

You would fly

With an endless number of try…

In the life’s tyre, without a puncture

 Comes no adventure…
(So, On the contrary)

If life were like that demonic page

You would find yourself in cage.

Life would then be miserable

And none would bother to discuss it on table…

You wouldn’t do up your thumb

‘Cause you would be numb…

Life is no good

If love isn’t your food…

(And this actually happens)

‘He’ pumps the ‘life’

But never with a knife.

Life is a mystery 

For you to make a history…

Leap and jump

‘Cause together does He pump-

The hump and dump…
(Better be glad about it)


4 thoughts on “He pumps it-‘Life’

    1. ‘He’ pumps the life i.e. God pumps the life in us, but never with a knife refers to that he is never rude in doing so…
      The last 3lines convey that you should be glad about this because fairy tales would make your life boring, and demonic pages would make your life hell, so ‘He’, the God pumps both of them together to make a balance of the two… Hump and dump can be referred to as ups and downs of life, the good and bad times of life, he puts them together… ‘Hump’ as in camel’s hump, I guess you can relate, the ups of life… ‘Dump’ as in where you put your garbage, thus referring to the bad times…
      Hope you have understood my point of view….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww! Abi I understood the meaning. Thankyou so much for the explanation. And yayy, this is such a mature write-up, I am proud of you, Ayush. ☺☺

        You always amaze with your deep and meaningful posts, I am soo happy to read this one too. You are getting better as a writer. Keep writing. 🌟


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