एक ढ़ेर रेत का

फूल समझ कर मैंने छुआ था जिस काँटे को,
वह काँटा नहीं विष था मेरी ज़िदगी का।
उधेड़ कर देखा जब मैंने अपने जीवन की सीवन को,
रसधार नहीं वह तो था एक ढ़ेर रेत का।


5 thoughts on “एक ढ़ेर रेत का

  1. Wowwww!! Ayush!! 😻
    You wrote in Hindi, OMG! I am so happy to read this. I am a big fan of Hindi poems, though I cannot write them with ease. You are soo good with these words. ☺☺☺

    And about the poem, I’d say it is very meaningful. I think people never write 100% fiction, there’s always a touch of reality into it. Tu bata abi how is this connected to you?

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    1. I had written a poem in Hindi back in May’16 and posted it too…you may read it… It’s titled ‘maa- ek apratyaksh kripadan’…
      BTW thanks for praising the write-up…
      It is no way connected to me, to say frankly… It so happened last month that a teacher of mine, who writes in Hindi, was struck at a point while writing on a poem of the theme above-too depressing, I must say…so he asked me and two of my fellow classmates cum poets, to give some idea about it…and then I wrote this one and ‘kaisa tha vh’….so this is how it is connceted to me… Else it is no such thing in my life…completely fiction..and also in our Hindi textbook we have a poem of jaishankar prasad,’aatmkathya’, which is on the same theme…so the two sources acted as inspiration for these poetic lines…

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