Winning is important

It is said ‘participation is more important than winning’. True that.. On applying it literary to life,  it is true.

But wait… It’s what the ideal world says. And no doubt we are not living in such an ideal world where just participation would mean that you have given your fullest.

Do you praise Bill Gates or your good for nothing neighbour who sits in vain at house all the time? The answer is quite obvious… But I’m not saying that everyone needs to become Bill Gates. See, everyone is there for a reason… You were born not just because your parents wanted it to happen but because the world needed something meaningful from you. Your life is never meaningless. You have to make it rationale, after all.

If you just participate and don’t win, does it really make a sense; does it really make a meaning? No it doesn’t … It doesn’t make a meaning to your life. So you need to win. Everyone needs to and everyone should, and everyone has to.

But the difference in perspective of the quote is here. Winning is important. As in the example above, you would praise Bill Gates and not the person sitting at home in vain. But you don’t know if is really there in vain… May be he must be indulged in such an industrious activity that you can’t even think of… And this is why Bill Gates is now praised, for he had indulged himself in an activity that people then have never thought of. He had won… That vain neighbour of yours may win too and you might not. So it is that everyone can’t win the same competition and not every single can win all the competitions. Everyone is born unique to do something unique. It’s here in this uniqueness where they win. And those who do, they are able to because they had won their own self. They had overcome their fears, so had they won. They know what they are and what they aren’t. They know what they can do and what they can’t. They know themselves. They can have a good self talk and discover more about themselves. They know how they can do something they are not able to. They know how to manage time and everything else. They are not demoralized by everything happening around. Instead they fight for themselves and others. And it is well known that if you have known and won yourselves and your fears, there is so much less left to achieve in this world.

So winning is important. Not those worldly winnings but it’s all about winning yourself. And when you do so you’re satisfied. This may or may not bring you name and fame in society, but within you, you are the most wonderful person. This behaviour should not be mistaken with being self centred. A self centred person is selfish and doesn’t think of anybody else while a person who wins himself is neither selfish nor does he ignore what others require from him. Such a person is of wider and clear perspective and believes in himself while considering the strengths and weaknesses of others and himself too. If you are a mere participant in this life, you’d be like the washerman’s dog. Neither your life makes sense nor your death. Because without winning yourself you can’t do a bit of thing. “You may win every race of life, but finally you’ll lose the real race of life”. (It was about this race I was talking about in the post,“You may win every race of life, but finally you’ll lose the real race of life”,I made sometime back this year.)

So be a winner ’cause you are unique; ’cause you are born to be one; and you have to be one; ’cause you are meant for this.


11 thoughts on “Winning is important

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