Aping of the West by Indian teenagers

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Having a girlfriend/boyfriend, a motor bike and a car are status symbol these days,though not necessarily in that order. The pub culture has caught on. Hamburgers, pizzas, colas are in. So are branded clothes and shoes. Traditional Indian clothes are considered outmoded. Indian teenagers feed on a regular  diet of American fashion, music and movies- thanks to satellite television and the internet. They are too busy emulating the West to worry about Indian traditions and values. This is reflected in aggressive and rebellious behaviour and loss of respect for the elders.
We adopt everything and anything without actually seeing into the things straight way. We have adopted everything we should not have and ignored the most important ones. Do they practice female infanticide there? Or do they take away the right of women from education and active participation? Do they practice dowry and caste system? Do they litter here and there?

Why do we never try to adopt such things that would eventually be fruitful for us?Why do we run after the evil?

We are not looking for a day where Western culture would take over the Indian culture. I am not saying Western culture is bad but we need to make efforts to save our own. 

It’s true that mixing up of two different cultures helps to enrich both the cultures. But we need not adopt everything and anything. We don’t need to go to pubs. We don’t need to have unhealthy junk foods when we are having healthier options. We don’t need to impress the opposite sex with the cars and bikes. This can be achieved using your talents, nature and swagger. 

On the other hand, when we adopt Art(of any form) from any of the cultures, we enrich our culture. We get to learn many new things and ideas.

We need to discard the bad from our our culture and adopt the good from theirs. Then only our country would be a better place to live.


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