Do you feel content in someone else’s happiness?

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In the era, where we don’t even have time to call off a far of friend to know of his well being, jealousy, selfishness, arrogance and such vices have taken over. Lost are those days when people used to sit together and eat, when all the kids of colony used to play together. But now, nobody has time for anyone else. All of us are so occupied in our respective lives that we don’t bother to give a damn to the things and people around us.

The question is, where does all the 24 hours of the day run out? Eating and sleeping and completing our 9 to 5 job? NO! In the present scenario, life is more than eating and sleeping. People these days run after success. Yes, all of their time is spent there. Every one wants to succeed. There is nothing wrong in looking for success. But our approach towards goal accomplishment is wrong.

It’s quite imperative that many people run after the same goals and even if their goals are different, their paths are different, none of us can see the others win. It fills us with a strong feeling of jealousy to see someone else succeeding. Only Our own success pleases us. To add on, people just don’t feel jealous and take a back seat after seeing someone succeeding. Instead, they try to pull him back and to thrash him down.

Making such apprehensions about the present day scenario by anybody, proves to be in no case wrong.

But, On the contrary, there still exist some really wonderful people who constantly make tireless efforts for your success.

Yes, you have got it right!

Your parents. Aren’t they elated when YOU succeed? Don’t they jump up in joy when they see you succeed? Don’t they work hard just like you, day and night? Yes, they do. They stand by you in all the ups and downs of your life.

A yet another person could be your teacher who had changed your ways impressively. Or your life partner who loves you immensely.

Every time you feel like quitting, or you feel low, depressed, or demoralized, do remember that there exist some people who live in you; who live for you; who would sacrifice their whole life for you to succeed; who would cross all the limits just to see you succeed in life.

So, make them your inspiration; your motivation. The feeling you get when you see someone happy in your success is just more than splendid.

So, you have people who are happy in your success…
But are you the one?

Would you support someone in their success? Are you capable enough to become someone’s source of motivation. If you think that you are not, or you cannot be; you are wrong!

If you can stand beside someone in his/her days of struggle, if you can be the shoulder for someone to cry on, if instead of pulling him down, you push him onto the ladder of success– you are a source of motivation. You are an inspiration.

Experience once the joy of being a part of someone’s success. I bet you would be the happiest person on the earth.


9 thoughts on “Do you feel content in someone else’s happiness?

  1. Ayushh! This post brings lots of emotions. It’s such a relief to realise that someone’s still there beside me, like a support system, there is someone who exists to smile when I smile! This is such a sweet post. Even I would like to help people to succeed. Nice post. ☺☺👍

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