A petty act

A boy didn’t want to come out of his room. He cried. At nights, he woke up and groaned. He had stopped talking or even utter a word. In daytime, he sits and just looks at his hands only, not even lifting his head. He didmt want to meet anyone or even show his face. His mental state was somewhat disturbed. He wasn’t like that before. He was really depressed. His parents moan but still are helpless. They are so much in pain that all their anger has vanished and what they are left is with to moan. They now curse that moment when their son confronted it and the moment when they decided their son to move to that awful place.

It all began when he changed his school for better education. A sensitive little boy with lots of ambitions. Everyone was happy and everything was smooth. But then everything changed in the blink of an eye. He drank water from his water bottle and a few of boys told him something and laughed terribly. This turned his life upsidedown. Actually when his class was out for physical education, those boys mixed urine in his waterbottle and kept it at its place. When the boy drank it and boys made a jest of him, he was terrified, ashamed, embarrassed. 

Those boys were just having fun but their fun ruined a life and the many lives connected to his.

The boy was deprived of justice due to some reasons so his parents have filed an FIR against those boys and those shameless boys are disapproving of their sin.

The boy is seeking medical help and counselling to recover from the situation as early as possible.

And I feel really bad to mention here that the incident took place in my school and one of the guilty was my classmate for last five years.

Sometimes we just want to make fun from every single thing without even giving a thought to what it might cause to somebody else. So next time when you try to have fun, give a thought to it. A move of yours can ruin somebody’s life.


15 thoughts on “A petty act

  1. Oh God! This is disgusting, seriously. How can someone even think of that? Agreed, only for their so called ‘FUN’, one innocent little kid had to suffer. I still cannot believe someone can do that kind of things for fun. So cheap this is. 😣

    Thankyou for sharing this incident, Ayush.

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