The untold stories

The untold stories by Ayush Saini

Stories are always fascinating-be it in books or your own story or somebody else’s. Eveyone has a story. While some are written in books, others are confined to hearts only. The narrated stories may be pleasing and fascinating. You might fall in love with them. Or whatever. But have you ever been fascinated by an untold story- the story within the confines of the heart? Have you ever been curious to know what must have happened to somebody or what’s happening in somebody’s lives? A person who ever remains silent in depiction, has he ever attracted you to know more of him? Such undepicted, untold, confined stories are fascinating in real. You might laugh, cry and get absorbed in the stories you read, or being narrated in a single attempt, but the stories which you search for, the stories which you are curious for, the stories for which you try hard to know, those unsaid stories make a room in your heart. Those silent people have a lot to tell, they have a story, their own story, the heart-touching stories which you feel they are your own stories. You want to complete those incomplete stories. These are the deepest stories. 


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