As white as snow

It crept up a chill through my spine. 

Go give it a read- As white as snow by Sapphire

Gently, he put his hand on her forehead; careful as always, so not to disturb her sleep.

The morning sun was finding its way through the half open window. He looked at her face. How beautiful she was. Strands of hair carelessly hid the face. Her eyes were so serene they could hide the world within. Her tender eyelids vowed to protect them from everyone else. The neatly arranged rainbow shaped eyebrows made all the colors go blind.


Her light pink, soft cheeks could make even rose petals shy away. 

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10 thoughts on “As white as snow

  1. Aawwww!! 😍 I lovvvved this. The comparison of rainbow to her eyebrows, Eeee!! Too beautiful. One cannot describe someone this beautifully unless he loves her truly and with a pure heart. 😃 Love isn’t such a bad feeling hehe, this post makes me believe the fact. ☺

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