Are we strong?-A reality check

Are we strong?- A reality checkAkshaya Srivastav

Have you ever wondered why we seek others opinions? It’s either that we are afraid to do the right thing. Or else we know we are wrong and want someone else to say this.


So many platforms have come up to help youngsters to cope up with their worries. I just came across a girl’s problem which reads “my boyfriend wants to breakup with me because he hates my best friend. So he has given me an ultimatum to choose between both of them. My friend isn’t that good a girl. But even my boyfriend isn’t into commitment. Suggest me a solution.”…..


I am at a loss of words. I mean what the hell is wrong with youngsters these days. Any sane person would know that he/she should dump both of them or probably give them a ninja kick. I am sure that girl is educated. She can handle a social account so she must have average smartness. The problem she is facing isn’t something hard to crack. But she took it to social platform and decided us all to decide it for herself.


 The problem to any solution we are facing can only be sorted by us.



I am not against all these social platforms. But I am wondering that how can youngsters lack so much of confidence. Let me tell, all of 

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