Preach what you practise

Preach what you practise​ by Akshaya Srivastava on InfinitySpeaks.

Life teaches us many things. We are brought up under restrictions as to what the society considers right or wrong. We all wear a mask and try to blend in with the society. Not many want to go against the societal norms. We boast about being modern and advanced in thoughts and behaviour. But how tolerant are we and how modern our thoughts are??


 All watched the movie ‘Aye Dil Hai Mushkil’ and felt so bad for Ranbir. But it was also his mistake for going behind a girl who clearly didn’t have any romantic feelings for him. We all want such a character in our lives don’t we? Who would live just like that? But the truth is it would end up the same way it did in the movie. No I didn’t mean the dying part. I meant the never getting together part. It’s more messy when it happens in real life and more painful.

Sometimes we need to think about stuff before we join to that cause. For example, we all go ‘awwww’ when we hear that some celebrity couple is living together. We follow them on Instagram and like their pics. But how much of us would be comfortable with our sisters or brothers living together with their partners????



There us a stark difference betweenacceptance and tolerance. As long as it 

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