2016 reviewed

With the onset of 2017, I would like to take a glance at the previous year 2016. 2016 wasn’t a good one but for blogging it was somewhat good. I finally found a good name for my blog and traffic was also satisfactory.

Here is an overview:

The day with most traffic: 13December (89views)

The month with most traffic: December(793views,337visitors)

The most trending post: #life_through_hashtags#(79views)

Year traffic: 3085views,1575visitors

I would also like to publish the list of blog posts I have made this year. Here is the list:

  1. Benaras Ganga Aarti- A glimpse(YouTube)
  2. Nature photos#17
  3. Aware of the cloud technology?
  4. Preach what you practise
  5. InfinitySpeaks-YouTube
  6. Perfect two-YouTube
  7. Nature photos#16
  8. Consumer Awareness
  9. Nature photos#15
  10. Nature photos#14
  11. Year end blues
  12. Are we strong?-A reality check
  13. Nature photos#13
  14. Nature photos#12
  15. Fix them up
  16. Nature photos#11
  17. Pack your bag and leave
  18. Confessions of a one-sided Bestie lover
  19. Nature photos#10
  20. As white as snow
  21. Breaking up with you
  22. The untold stories
  23. Infinity speaks
  24. Nature photos#9
  25. Nature photos#8
  26. Nature photos#7
  27. An Announcement
  28. The Interlude
  29. Nature photos#6
  30. The unnoticed droplets-Infinity speaks
  31. Nature photos#5
  32. Nature photos#4
  33. Nature photos#3
  34. Nature photos#2
  35. The thousand splendid suns
  36. Heavenward strivings!
  37. The widening horizon!
  38. Nature photos#1
  39. Change!
  40. A petty act
  41. I had found Life
  42. Within you
  43. I’m Better
  44. Flip the coin and accept Trump
  45. His wife cheated on him for 10 years, and he says something you will never forget!
  46. I disagree
  47. A digital love story
  48. Are you still in pain for a loss?
  49. Do you feel content in someone else’s happiness?
  50. Aping of the West by Indian teenagers
  51. #life_through_hashtags#
  52. Winning is important
  53. A year and Achievements I never expected#2
  54. कैसा था वह…
  55. एक ढ़ेर रेत का
  56. He pumps it-‘Life’
  57. The writer’s heart…
  58. Sometimes it’s good to…
  59. And when time acts contrary…
  60. What I am is not really what I am
  61. A single unacceptance
  62. Every single tear drop that poured down the cheeks…
  63. Should you be prudent or moral in the race of life?
  64. Restless soul
  65. His pilgrimage
  66. The devil and the noble
  67. The power of karma…
  68. The light inside me.
  69. It won’t succour.
  70. You shall love the lemonade you made…
  71. It’s not the distance that matters…
  72. It’d surely be better than the hell you are currently living in… 
  73. Till the eternity of this universe
  74. You may win every race, but finally you’ll lose the real race of life.
  75. Unbreakable eternal attraction if their love
  76. It’s raining
  77. Why is he there?
  78.  Fickle minded people
  79. I_________u
  80. I have gone insane
  81. Too much of chatting😂😜
  82. Darkness and night
  83. Achievements I never expected#1
  84. Real Neat Blog Award
  85. The Versatile Blogger Award
  86. Together forever?
  87. Post midnight
  88. Heartless Heart!
  89. The story of life…
  90. माँ एक अप्रत्यक्ष कृपादान।
  91. Global warming
  92. The Final Goodbye
  93. A Road trip with you
  94. The last meeting
  95. 3days 3quotes challenge- #day3
  96. 3days 3quotes challenge, #day2
  97. 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge- #day1
  98. Lost
  99. Look into her eyes
  100. Few words story from “Minute Tales”
  101. Sans me
  102. Not just another night
  103. Love the way
  104. Looking back
  105. Hopeful
  106. So called loving and caring people😕
  107. Will you ever tell or just hide it forever?
  108. Edited DPs
  109. I never felt it before
  110. True love
  111. Words
  112. Look like a dream but still unforgettable
  113. Team work
  114. Being criticized or being praised-what is good?
  115. Selfish people
  116. People or chameleons?
  117. Go green Save green
  118. Save girl child
  119. What a New Year is?

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