The New Year crap

People are irrational, I knew that! I mean like they speak and do illogical. I always feel strongly for that but it’s recently that I felt I should write on this. Every year on that particular day, dawn till dusk, it happens. You get that?

It’s the first day of the New Year- First of January! You might haven’t got me yet. But tge following would get you thinking.

Isn’t it illogical to say that you are going to be the same as you are on the first day? Like seriously, does it make any sense. “Don’t be sad, man! You’d be sad throughout the year!” Or  if you are happy,” That means you are gonna be happy this year!” And I feel like hitting them hard. I might be happy or sad on some particular day, does that mean the future is going to be the same too? I was happy on the first day in a particular year, but remained sad the whole year, and in some other year I was happy on the first day and sad the whole year. You see that? I might be sad on 1st Jan and happy the whole year. Or whatever. It‘s all random or rather the consequences! Things change everyday and so the mood swings!

The point is that people claim that things would be the same as they are on 1stJan. And I argue that I had my winter vacations at that time, will I have them throughout the year? Or it was cloudy on that day and so will it be cloudy throughout? Or I celebrated whole night and then slept whole day, so does it follow that I would sleep at daytime the whole year? Don’t I have my office or school!

Of the ones who claim that things don’t change overnight and that the life is not the same everytime and changes in the blink of an eye,some of them say this crap on 1st  Jan.

Did you do that this time? I never did! So was I able to move ye?


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