I thought I loved you,Mon Amour

Never did I think that I should see that day! I thought we’d be together forever, nevertheless in our hearts and souls. I once thought you to be my everything. You were my life, I thought so! Those long phone calls, invaluable gifts, messages and letters, how can I forget! How I used to put every bit of my heart into them. How I gave you so much importance and you did nothing for me! I did it because it made me happy, not because I wanted something in return;I wasn’t selfish as you were! You wanted to suck out every help from me, but when I needed you, you were a white elephant. You always had excuses for not replying to my messages or even forgetting my birthday or even me! But I was so meek, I ignored it all. I ignored your fouls and you ignored me! I thought you loved me but just didn’t express it, but it was very late when I realized that you had selfish motives. Day by day, you set us apart under the light of your pettiness, meanness, selfishness. I had been ignoring it till now. Soon did I realize that you have done something to me,you shouldn’t have. And I was aghast… I knew it, but i still asked you yet you had lies to tell! Anguish made me do the same to you, and now it seems that what I did had hurt you. Did you even think once how would I feel when you did it to me,then why shall I? Now we stand apart! But your act didn’t even hurt me, it wasn’t even of any importance to me. You don’t even matter to me, I would have wept when you dumped me. But I didn’t! I thought you loved me; I was wrong, you had other motives. I thought I loved you, Mon Amour;I was wrong; Occupancy was mistaken for love!


14 thoughts on “I thought I loved you,Mon Amour

  1. Ayushhhh!! This makes my heart cry. 😔 What a heartbreaking story you’re portrayed over here. I could totally feel every bit of your pain, it is such an intense feeling when you realise that the one you love didn’t really love you ever. 😔 And I am proud, you did the right thing. To stand up for yourself, and you did not weep, you were strong enough to leave them right there. I feel soo proud, Ayush. You are a fighter. 🙂

    I am also happy that you wrote your heart out today, this story might’ve been hidden somewhere deep inside your heart, I am glad you poured all of it out. Keep being You. You’re awesome. 😊

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    1. Glad that you felt it! And thank you so much for your words!
      And I didn’t love that person, occupancy was mistaken for love!
      BTW Lemme tell you it’s another fiction! Hehe…
      I am so glad fiction brings such effect! I wonder what would happen when I go for real life stories…😂

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      1. Ohh yes, I understood that. ☺
        And this is fiction? Again? 🙄 Huh, why do you keep doing this again and again, and I keep imagining you in all those situations huh! But, yes, I am glad this isn’t real. 😹

        And do you have real life stories? Wo kar na share, hume wo read karna. ☺

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            1. Not that kind of 💓 stories!😎
              May be a bit different!
              Stories have begun but they are all messed up.
              I am waiting;sometimes it takes a lifetime for stories to be completed!

              One day, surely I will do it! I will surely share a story of my own! Just wait.
              For now let things be fictitious only! Hehe.

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                1. They aren’t love stories. It’s rather crush or simply attraction.
                  Such kind of things attracts me when it’s about others. But when it comes to me, I choose staying away from such stuff.
                  But I feel you have been into such stuff for a long time,isn’t it?😂

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                  1. Ohhhh yesss! Samepinchh! Even I like listening to others cute love stories, and not make one for myself. 🤓

                    And noo, you’re wrong here, I haven’t been in love, EVER! 😹 Yayy, even I can write fiction stories like you naa? 😂😂

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