The Versatile Blogger Award(2nd time)

This is my third blog award and second Versatile blogger award Sorry for being so late posting this. I was nominated by DarShu(Darshan). Do check out his blog.

​Here are the Rules –

★ You have to Thank the Person who Nominated you for this Award… 😀😁

 Nominate atleast “15 Bloggers” of your Choice (Difficult Thing 😅 coz all are Great for Me!)

★ Informing them about their Nomination… 😊

★ Sharing 7 Facts about Yourself… 😛

Here are Some Facts about Me…

1. I’m Ayush and I’m 15.
2.  I’m in love with deep words and quotes.
3. I love sad songs.
4. I’m passionate about reading and writing.
5. I love going to places that are less crowded and quiet.
6. I love nature.
7. I love sleeping a lot.

Here are my 15 nominations-

  1. A thought, a word and an eternal bliss
  2. A writer’s retreat
  3. 123 blog myself
  4. @imonet
  5. keithgarrettpoetry
  6. A patient voice
  7. A shade of pen
  8. amorous love💜
  9. Awesomengers
  10. himanisblog
  11. Deliriums in Darkness
  12. Game of words
  13. broken vase
  14. Amitav Chowdhury
  15. wordyhues


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