Should you escape?

You think things,places and people won’t matter whatsoever,as long as you have them.

It’s only when you move apart that you realize that it had been making an impact on your life and it still does.

You might think you would just go away and it won’t even matter. You learn to be ignorant, and escape.Should I not call it apathy? And then you realize, it had had been your past and all of a sudden it started making a difference to your life in a way you never thought of. You repent moving on, or rather the way you escaped the things and the people, who mattered to you the most which they still do, but you are now not as close to them as you used to be. Occupancy or love- you don’t know which dearths now?Even now you have got people to occupy but you may not feel it to the extent you were used to. Now who you thought made your life a hell seems to be that little paradise you have always craved for. You want to revert all that had happened, but rarely can you do so. By and by you get to realize the fact but by then it’s too late to mend; all you can do is to repent.

Escaping isn’t the solution to every problem. You never know if the next move is for better or  for worse. If you choose to escape, you are later going to repent for not being just to your past. Rather than escaping, boldy turn away and you’ll feel satisfied for the part that at least once you took a good and bold step. Thing might not be good in the next place, but that feeling of satisfaction, which overrules the repentance of escaping, help you stay calm and deal with things better.


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