A letter to a friend!

A letter to a friend!

Years back, when I met you, I knew you weren’t meant for me. A year like this, and it was all a formal talk! By and by I realized that you made me feel good, even just your presence. Being together even for a minimal yet quality time, I found a friend in you. And more to it, you are one of the best people I have ever met. So serene in face with a child-like beautiful smile, yet have a thunder of thoughts in your head, which you just convey so well, speculating me. Indeed your smile has a charm with new fascinating positive vibes. And your laugh, it made me laugh even harder. That sweet voice in your laugh, that innocence in it, I’ll ever admire! Furthermore, I found you selfless with not even a single trace of pretence and flattery! We had so much to talk that even a whole day was insufficient! We have so much in common, in our thoughts and actions, in our approaches and deeds, in being a listener and speaker, in making sarcasm yet never taking it on mind, in understanding each other we are so much connected. It worked with your ever lasting listening and tolerance! I remember how you sang! You loved it so badly and now even I do, just because you did. What makes it humorous is that we were so bad at it! And both of us thought that he were a better one! Indeed, we talked shit, with even stupid wishes and opportunities. And to our wonder, we were ever comfused by how we become so philosophical in our talks! Now that voice is a symphony to me! That’s what made us so close in our hearts. 

All these years were a long time, yet now they seem to be so short,that it seems as if it had been so long since all of it, and wish getting it back over and over! 

Don’t know why, but I keep wondering, if you think about it the way I do! And I know you do!

#fiction #inspired_by_a_long_ago_read_written_piece


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