To be ever left empty!

From a time when  Sleepin with lights off Was the most terrible of all!  And of now,  The light scares me,  And the darkness induces comfort!  Indeed, something was lost, Creating a blank space  That were to be ever left empty!


Top places to visit in Mahabaleshwar

Planning to visit Mahableshwar this vacations? Do check out the list of top places to visit in mahabaleshwar and make the most and the best out of your trip.

Should you escape?

You think things,places and people won't matter whatsoever,as long as you have them. It's only when you move apart that you realize that it had been making an impact on your life and it still does. You might think you would just go away and it won't even matter. You learn to be ignorant, and escape.Should … Continue reading Should you escape?

Invitation for guest posts

Wanna show off your writing talents? Or wanna read wonderful content which can leave an impression on your mind?Infinity Speaks-An echo to your thoughts is the perfect place for this. A corner where your heart could dwell upon, ‘Infinity Speaks’ is an Echo to Your Thoughts. Welcome Readers, Infinity Speaks is a social Community for the reading hearts … Continue reading Invitation for guest posts