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The hovering imminence of the end

​Death brings to a final end a soul's aspirations. Ironically,however,it is sometimes the hovering imminence of the end itself which gives a soul the courage to challenge every constraint and express even a long denied dream.                       -The Immortals of Meluha by Amish


Should you escape?

You think things,places and people won't matter whatsoever,as long as you have them. It's only when you move apart that you realize that it had been making an impact on your life and it still does. You might think you would just go away and it won't even matter. You learn to be ignorant, and escape.Should … Continue reading Should you escape?

Numb Days and Lifeless nights

There are nights  When we aren't together, And there are days When we don't even get to hear each other, I stare at my screen  Hoping for your message, I sit beside my phone  Hoping it would show up your name, There are messages to read But none of yours, There are calls to attend  … Continue reading Numb Days and Lifeless nights

Nature photos #18

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