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Time or consequences?

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कुछ बातें!

बिखरी हुई यादों को समेटता आज भी मेरा मन क्यूँ उस छाया को छूना चाहता है जो समय की गहराईयों में कहीं खो गयी थी रह रह कर मेरा दिल वापस लौटना चाहता था क्यूंकि अतीत के पन्नों पर कुछ बातें अनकही सी थी! उन ख्यालों के भंवर में कुछ बातें अनसुनी सी थी कुछ … Continue reading कुछ बातें!

The last meeting

It was dark on the either side of the deserted road. The two of them were not able to see each other. Every time they lifted their foot to walk away, they could feel each other's presence; pain; tears.... It was not duty that had separated and then years later impinge them but it was … Continue reading The last meeting