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That could never teach me!


Numb Days and Lifeless nights

There are nights  When we aren't together, And there are days When we don't even get to hear each other, I stare at my screen  Hoping for your message, I sit beside my phone  Hoping it would show up your name, There are messages to read But none of yours, There are calls to attend  … Continue reading Numb Days and Lifeless nights

I thought I loved you,Mon Amour

Never did I think that I should see that day! I thought we'd be together forever, nevertheless in our hearts and souls. I once thought you to be my everything. You were my life, I thought so! Those long phone calls, invaluable gifts, messages and letters, how can I forget! How I used to put … Continue reading I thought I loved you,Mon Amour

Confessions of a one-sided Bestie Lover

Confessions of a one-sided Bestie Lover by Akshaya Srivastava on InfinitySpeaks ​All of us have loved a person who didn’t love us back. Been there done that, haven’t we all? It was same for me too. It didn’t help that he was my bestie and my classmate. As always I thought that he was going to propose … Continue reading Confessions of a one-sided Bestie Lover


They hurt, They heal, They can't be repaired, They can't be taken back, They mend relationships, They end relationships, They can't be forgotten, They can only be forgiven, They can destroy us physically and mentally, A boneless tongue can break you apart With a weapon too strong That weapon is called 'words'. So, be careful … Continue reading Words