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A Walking Corpse

When I recall how you turned me into a walking corpse!


I thought I loved you,Mon Amour

Never did I think that I should see that day! I thought we'd be together forever, nevertheless in our hearts and souls. I once thought you to be my everything. You were my life, I thought so! Those long phone calls, invaluable gifts, messages and letters, how can I forget! How I used to put … Continue reading I thought I loved you,Mon Amour

The Final goodbye

She still clearly remember that last meeting. It was a cold January night and they were standing on the road hoping that time could stop here itself.  She was shivering ..not with cold but with the fear of losing him. And he had just a line to say.. " you are a strong girl and … Continue reading The Final goodbye

The last meeting

It was dark on the either side of the deserted road. The two of them were not able to see each other. Every time they lifted their foot to walk away, they could feel each other's presence; pain; tears.... It was not duty that had separated and then years later impinge them but it was … Continue reading The last meeting